When it comes down to it

I’ve written a number of articles about film, Christians and film, and spirituality and film, but none of them come within a shot’s eye of writing film reviews, which, by far, outstrips anything else I’ve done on the subject of film. There came a time when I realized that I preferred reviewing films over writing articles about film. In fact, I don’t look too fondly at my articles about film, these days. I don’t feel much of an affinity for them. There were articles giving a variety of Christian perspectives, from the take caution type, to an egalitarian view, to seeking the spiritual common ground, but none come as close as enjoying writing a film review. Yet a writer must go through it. I mean, some writers may go through this kind of thing. Sometimes, one writes, and once all the work is done, one realizes what’s more enjoyable, as in one kind of writing or another, or one kind of writing sounds truer to the writer.

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