A good time reading

I spent some time reading for leisure. The books I was enjoying were The Wind in the Willows and Chasing the Dragon, perhaps one of those you would have heard of. The Wind in the Willows is the best known of the two, a children’s classic by Kenneth Grahame, which I have got around to reading, after being very interested in. Chasing the Dragon is mainly known in the Christian market, as it deals with a missionary’s ‘adventures’ in the Walled City (the ‘city’ has since been pulled down). Although adventures is not the right word, she still had much to face in bringing the gospel of love and grace to people involved in crime and drug addiction, so it was a real-life adventure in a sense. What I love the most of The Wind in the Willows so far is how the animals in this story refer to each other in conversation–they are kindly, generous, and completely innocent and loveable. This book is, so far, a breath of fresh air. And I am looking forward to finding out about any movie versions–which I would surely love to make myself if I were a moviemaker of some influence and could just say, let’s make it! I was illuminated by Chasing the Dragon in my reading session. There’s a fairly long passage about how the missionary Jackie explained the gospel of Jesus Christ to ‘bad people’; ‘bad’, in that they instinctively knew something wasn’t quite right with their lives and couldn’t believe Jesus could love them in spite of everything they’ve done. When Jackie explained that Jesus would talk and associate with the so-called ‘bad people’, and that he loved them and would forgive them of their wrongdoing, many became Christians. All in all, a very good time reading.

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