Some reading

Got 100 pages to go before I finish “Wind in the Willows”. I guess you thought I was going to say before I finish my manuscript! Not that desperate. “Wind in the Willows” is good for now. Besides, writing manuscripts requires careful precision, not the desperate strokes of a writer needing to be published. Been there, done that. It didn’t look pretty–not that it had to. The Book that is. I have a time and a place for reading “Wind in the Willows”, but I don’t really want to say, because it’s below me and not to be retold in public. The other stuff I’m reading is the “progressive wisdom” of the left wing spouting off how rotten were those action films from the 1980’s. It was at least interesting and certainly one person’s point of view only. Although I can’t say I watched many action films from the 1980’s. Too busy on other films of which this book reviews aplenty.

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