Being an author

Why be an author? I mean, an author of books. This is the question I ask myself and I come up with the same answer, which is really a question. Am I committed to being an author of books? Commitment, I believe is key, if I ever do become a published author with traditional publishers. I must be committed to the whole process and have enthusiasm. This is why, I must believe in the publisher–a publisher which i am enthusiastic about. This is the key in deciding on a publisher. If keen on the publisher, perhaps deciding on being an author will follow. I may like the publisher so much I cannot help myself.

I remember looking at traditional book publishers online a couple of years ago. Of the ones liked, I didn’t like their requirements. An author should market their work in partnership with the publisher. An author must attend interviews to promote their work. I didn’t want to do all that. And like any other job, I rejected being a book author. But from time to time, I got to thinking, I’ll give it a go again. This is one of those times. As thinking on it, in the end, I am not committed to the process of being a book author…which means my ambition may suffer, but I get to think outside the box of just being a book author. There are other things that I can get involved in, and writing things other than books.

5 thoughts on “Being an author

  1. What is a slightly different place. There are lots of different ways to be an author. For example you’re an author now. You have a blog and you put your work out there for everyone to see. It’s only that your voice is a form of authorship. I can host a podcast or a video blog and talk about topics that are meaningful to you. Text is fluid and it changes shape with this values and conditions of our society. I think people are very lonely right now and they want to know that people are willing to listen to them. This is your chance.


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