Losing religion?

Too much of a good thing? When there is so much grace that one does whatever they feel like. Freedom. I went to go to a ‘contemporary’ church, much on a whim rather than thought-through, which was not into religion or religious people. Someone there, seemingly not concerned, yelled at me when I did not do as she expected in her group. Human nature, I guess. But is it also a belief? God graces me, so I am entitled to treat someone ungraciously, even when it is a mistake? I guess you could feel justified in losing your temper if you have lost religion and got grace. At wit’s end, eh? But should not grace wind you up to better responses? Being gracious, for example.

There is something I have noticed that too much grace can lead to a license to do anything. This is when grace becomes cheap. There should be a balance. On one hand, grace that frees us and pardons us when we do wrongs not deliberately, but not a grace as entitlement to behave as one so desires if it contradicts love for God’s law and neighbor.

God’s grace can so satisfy our hearts to such a degree that wanting to serve God can flow from that. Grace is a clinging to God and the good things that come from that. And obviously this is about not raising one’s voice, but being patient, and equally it is about the ability God can give us to forgive and not retaliate.

Being in a state of grace can make it easy. The human condition can make giving grace difficult at times. When life gets in the way of being gracious, this is when reaching for grace becomes the challenge, but knowing that one can get better at it. Calm and collected, there is no better feeling than being in a state of grace.

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