Reading the film review annuals means I am thinking about what I could see. There were the usual suspects that I have seen before and may see again as well as a few new ones. Ordinary People, Coal Miner’s Daughter, The Stunt Man, Tess, Kagemusha, and Man of Marble were of interest. I would have seen Ordinary People again but last time the plot and profanity did let me down so I thought to pass on it. I have never seen Coal Miner’s Daughter, but on my before viewing investigations, there is a dirty rape scene in it, so won’t bother with this film. That was the final straw. The other two — The Stunt Man and Tess — might have been interesting except there’s four-letter words and some odd kind of posturing here and there that my investigations led me to avoid them. These days I am more and more committed to avoiding what I am sensitized to, but Kagemusha and Man of Marble were more on the borderline. However, I have no qualms about seeing The Elephant Man again, and a handful of others from 1980.

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