1994 Italian film

Italian, subtitled film directed by Michael Radford that I originally saw at an independent theatre. It seemed sunnier on the Italian coast than it did outside. I reviewed it in 1996 for GiveWay.

Massimo Troisi, as Mario, in The Postman.

A fantastically simple and entertaining Italian film that has been nominated for five Academy Awards this year including Best Picture.

It stars Phillippe Noiret as Pablo, a Chilean poet and diplomat, in exile in Italy during the 1950’s. It chronicles an event, his life on an Italian island.

A postman, Mario (Massimo Troisi) delivers Pablo’s mail and they strikes up a friendship which consists of Mario learning how to be a poet, taught by the famous Pablo.

Mario is shy person but starts to fall in love with Beatrice Russo and comes to Pablo for advice. Mario starts to blossom as a young poet and the young lady responds to his charm. Soon, a relationship develops. One can almost see the innocence of this relationship.

Director Michael Radford depicts the closeness of the two main relationships that Mario has with Beatrice and Pablo without needing to be pretentious. This is an unassuming film and terrific performances especially Noiret’s gentle aggressiveness and Troisi’s mellow “lethargy” as Mario. The ending shows the consequences or influence in friendship and fighting for a cause.

Reviewed by Peter Veugelaers, in 1996, for Giveway magazine.

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