Dead Man Walking (1995)

I saw Dead Man Walking at the multiplex. I thought was strange to see a death penalty drama at the multiplex, the subject matter being what it is, but I was also glad because I did not have to go down fifteen blocks to see it at the arthouse, which would be a longer drive.

Dead Man Walking was one of the first films I reviewed for GiveWay magazine. I found a film of depth and goodness and a film I found was talked about positively in Christian circles.

Susan Sarandon in Dead Man Walking.

Rated R.

Oscar nominee Sean Penn, portrays a man who commits rape and murder and is sentenced to death by lethal injection. A Catholic nun (played by Susan Sarandon in a convincing, powerhouse role) becomes his spiritual advisor.

There are two sides to the story: the “compassion” theology and those in support of capital punishment. The former gets a better hearing in Dead Man Walking.

This film has distinct merits as it tells all the stories of the concerned parties, within a religious and state background addressing a contentious issue.

Reviewed by Peter Veugelaers, for GiveWay magazine, 1996.

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