After an existential crisis, I’ve been on a spiritual journey. It led me to a deeper faith. So, I write. I know what I know and now what I like. I am interested in film, music, & writing, and keep abreast of current affairs or try to.

I like even love fantasy and would love to conjure some bizarre stories where life intersects with fantasy and maybe ask what that all means. Substance and style I like.

I was a film reviewer and writer for the weekly newspaper Challenge Weekly and wrote columns about New Zealand short films for Pulp magazine. I have been periodically writing meditations since 2013 and seriously blogging since 2017. In 1992, The Writing School awarded me the Diploma of Writing. In college, I was first in history (Form Five) and in the top twenty percent of School Certificate students for art and English. In 1990, I won the O’Shea Shield Prize for Scripture Reading, achieved the certificate of the School of Evangelism in 1995 and in 1996 I was awarded the certificate of biblical studies from the Bible College of New Zealand. I have written articles for Otago Daily Times, The Dominion, The Evening Post, Eco-Living and the Good News Paper. Since 2017, this blog has been a place to share my current writing journey and share various writings. In 2021, I decided to post more of his writings and literature on the blog and explore in writing more of my spiritual journey.

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