Excellence? Or improvement?

There is such a thing as a church teaching excellence which I found out when I entered a prosperity church. At first, I did not know that it was a prosperity church. I discovered it was less in vein of get rich quick with God, but more about being excellent today.

The early days there came with their upsetting moments. To my surprise, I had not paid a small fee to their Bible college I attended and since I was late in paying they said I had better pay up. (Even so, this from a prosperity church no doubt so they needed the money)

Even though they could have covered expenses like food if I was in hardship (which I was not), they were strong on getting me to pay up for this particular thing, the Bible college classes. After all, they were trying to build a people of excellence, I was told. Not that they knew anything about me. At all.

Being an honest and fair person, I was sure beyond a doubt that they would be paid and this is what I would have done. Just too bad the definition of a person of excellence came within a certain time frame.

I later discovered that excellence hinged on how one behaved as a Christian. There were unwritten rules, generally.

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A monster mash with heart

MonsterVerse brought out the latest Godzilla/Kong movie this year, when Godzilla vs. Kong was in cinemas March 24, and to ITunes and others in May. This one has a family flavour despite the rabid and raw fighting, between scaly and slimy creatures, who do not fight by clock and rote. No signs raised above heads indicating what round we are up to. However, it may be a suitable family alternative to television wrestling, with stand-ins for wrestlers and there are no scantily clad models. Yes, I am serious in a sense. There have been numbers of Godzilla and King Kong movies in film history, this one has the tropes of a family-friendly movie, with an appealing child actor and little if any gross out moments, very minimal bad language (and not blasphemy of the Lord Jesus himself although there are a few G*D’s) and is for moderates who can take their action as fictional fighting between two monsters, while the humans watch on. It also has quite a bit of heart.

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Pete’s small disappointment in 2001, to the week

Apocalypse Now Redux was released August 3, 2001—twenty years ago this week. I found Apocalypse Now Redux disappointing. This was the version that was supposed to improve on the original Apocalypse Now with added scenes.

In this review I focus on that redux version from 2001 that I watched in a fully packed theatre. I thought that adding 53 minutes of footage to the original 1979 version would have added something more, but it was still a lengthy, arduous plod (for the audience and presumably the actors and crew) wading through these scenes as I sat waiting for more in the theatre.

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I’ve been thinking…and there should be more writing and literature on this blog, in the future, than general writing and life talk although I will probably still include that. I would like to see more poetry and reflections and reviews of books, movies and music.