What is love?

The Bible has a chapter called “the love chapter” which is 1 Corinthians 13. One of things of this chapter that occurred to me this week was that love “does not seek its own way”. Such a relevant thing. Love does push one’s will on another. Does not manipulate to get a job done. We could do with more love that does not push one’s will on another.


Do Christians belong to a church with four walls or belong to a family of believers, whoever and wherever you are? It is my belief that Christians should be a family of believers, that even when you see each other again, even after years of absence, the spirit of Christ compels us to say hello. Or is there some misunderstanding? Some grievance that needs to be put right? Some issue that needs to be addressed? Something we don’t want to reveal? But we walk on through an awkward silence.

– Pete’s quotes

New reality

News is everywhere. Current events. Current affairs. Whatever they call it. News is bad. News can be good: The birthday party. The holiday. The time on the beach. It is life. Looking forward to the next positive thing in one’s life can actually turn out that way, but if — or when? — positive expectation of good does not materialize, by things beyond our control, the thing to ask — after pain diminishes — is how does one respond to a new reality?

– Pete’s quotes


The English teacher warned the eagerly listening class about waffle. Let me add: you only waffle when you don’t write with conviction. Conviction is the key to eliminating my waffle.

That is the writing part but there is the preparation part as well.

In reviews, one must know their genuine response. The previous posts today describe a reality of responding to something, be that mine, or to whom the cap fits. They ask the same question: what is genuine about my or your response?

To be successful as a reviewer, I believe I must go with my most genuine response and write it with conviction.

Now, some reviewers look at all angles and write that way, but this is good preparation rather than good writing. They do not write with conviction. They do not seemed convinced.

I have written reviews unconvinced, but what was in effect, waffle. (I don’t mind being self-critical because it can only make me better than I am.). But I have decided to write reviews with conviction. Stories as well, must be written with conviction. Does that mean everything? Perhaps. I believe I can be more successful with conviction.

When it comes to reviewing movies, I am aware more than ever, of the two-sided response to a picture or movie. It is disabling to conviction. But the key to unlocking writing with conviction is going with my genuine response to the movie. The reason or reasons I give depends on each movie, but we want no more middling. Let the writing begin…