A two paragraph devotion I’ve been revising sounds like I’m in the throes of sending it. I was. But I got thinking about if I believed in what I was writing. What if I changed it? What if some tweaks were made? Yes, I think that may work. In that light, it has potential.


This week I’ve been turning paragraphs around in terms of their arrangement within the paragraph. But what about swapping two paragraphs around, so that the bottom paragraph goes at the top and the top paragraph goes to the bottom. As there are only two paragraphs in this piece this wasn’t a case of plowing through many paragraphs to see if swapping top to bottom wouldn’t make cohesive sense. Even so I risked the possibility of losing the sense of this two paragraph piece. But it sounded better when I swapped them.

Along the way

As I edited a piece, there were various things along the way that needed doing. There were several small points that contributed to the whole piece sounding better: a change of one word, deleting a sentence, addressing coherency, and most of all patience in waiting for the piece, day after day, getting right and potentially publishable.


A few years ago I got a call saying they wanted a clarification on something I wrote. Of course, one could take this personally–thoughts going through your head, ‘I got it wrong’, ‘I did bad’ etc. But it reminded me to be sure of the details in seemingly clear-cut places.