Reading a A

The last couple of months I have been reading a gospel. I read a section at a time and take notes which has been productive. It is the Gospel of Mark. Sometimes, one can get this gospel published as a separate book, but mostly it is published in the New Testament of the Bible.

A single gospel is usually intended for outreach I think. That is when an evangelist goes out to spread the gospel with a gospel.

Yet there is a difference between a gospel and the gospel. A gospel in the Bible is one of the four gospels written by four early disciples of Jesus Christ. The gospel is the cumulative message of Jesus Christ in his word and life, but I think the gospel is really centered on Jesus himself, his entire essence that saves sinners and gives life to the oppressed through His Spirit. The gospel is not only his life, but truth. This is outreach material.

This week I decided to tweet some of my impressions and readings of a gospel, this being Mark. I have an exercise book’s worth of thoughts and findings and went back to the start. One of passages I wrote was worth a post. Hence the next post.

We are not alone

A question this gets put forth is why didn’t Jesus show how much he loved people by enduring in this world longer? Didn’t he just pack up his bags and go? He showed his love for a few years and then left? Is this a God of love? I thought about this for a moment and I understood the concern. We show love by how much we hang around. Love spells time, as they say. But, didn’t Jesus die, then? And that was that? But, then, I realized, that Jesus was human. I think he would not have died if he wasn’t punished. He was unable to die naturally. So, to answer the original question, Jesus could have hung around as it was. He could have stayed, I think. But Jesus had another destiny, to be human, to die in a human grave, and to be seen risen from the dead until he went back to heaven from where he came. I guess Jesus could have stayed longer here, but he was leaving the rest of his work to his disciples and he did not leave them. As, effectively what Jesus done when he died and rose from the dead (theologically speaking which I cannot explain here) is to give to his disciples and followers his presence and a promise that Jesus would be with them forever, if not physically on earth, but spiritually. Jesus was then with them through his Spirit–the Spirit which acknowledged that Jesus came in a body. They even felt Jesus with them when they went about spreading the Christian message, a task which Jesus gave them to do. So, after all this time, the true Christian message still goes out–and Jesus is with those who spread it–and this message can come with the presence of Jesus, to comfort, to help, and to heal. Christ did say there would be people pretending to be him, and that there would be false preachers and brothers, but there is only one true Christ, who did not leave his followers.