I was in the middle of watching a advertisement about sagging skin and the product they claimed would get rid of this ‘physical problem’ under the eyes. It seemed it would alleviate the emotional pain that came with having physical unattractiveness as well. That was never said, but isn’t feeling unattractive emotional? Then put the cream on again and again and make sure you get a good night’s sleep for good measure! That does not solve the emotional side of it.

I was hearing the reviews customers gave about the product and how it solved their problem. I always find reviews in advertisements a little if not a lot ingenuine. How can one prove the review is sincere in a format intended to promote a product? I guess some people feel this way about churches.

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“Blessed are those who have not seen yet still believe” is what Jesus said to Thomas, a disciple of Jesus, who needed evidence that Jesus had resurrected from the dead. Jesus provided the evidence. Himself! Who was Jesus referring to when he said, “Blessed are those who have not seen yet still believe”? You, me, everyone else who did not physically see Jesus after his resurrection. The only qualifying thing is belief–in Jesus. They are blessed, because just believing in Jesus can be a blessing. This Jesus who makes life conquer death.