Close, faraway

As I am up to the gospel of John chapter 15:20-21 (verses 20-21) in my reflections here is my reflection on those verses from the Bible:

These verses predict a rather somber and bleak future for the twelve disciples of Jesus. In using the well known modern expression of something unfortunate befalling someone, the disciples’ future is unfortunate, not a matter of wealth and prosperity, but on closer analysis their lives will not really be a matter of good or bad fortune if this is how we use an expression of luck in the modern world.

In the Bible I find no evidence to support luck in God’s dealing with his people. In this case, it seems more a matter of people’s choosing to act on God’s people. They choose to be offended by the disciple’s leader, Jesus, and in being so, attack his people, his disciples.

In his long monologue, seemingly spoken during his ‘last supper’ with his twelve disciples, Jesus predicts that his disciples will emulate him in being persecuted. Antagonists will pay attention to what the disciples teach and preach, their ‘words’. Their confession and profession of faith in Jesus is put under the microscope. Antagonizing people do this not because of the disciple’s faith itself, but because of the object of their faith, Jesus.

Are those who persecuted Jesus’ disciples completely ignorant of Jesus, his works and his mission and origin? Do they know nothing about him?

In my view, they do not listen. They see Jesus from their own lens, meaning Jesus and his message offends them.

If the antagonists knew whom they were persecuting — they may change and turn to him out of his goodness and life that they get to know. But do they appear selfish, not thinking of the other — Jesus?

In my own selfishness, how do I not think of Jesus? How could I persecute him unknowingly? And how could anybody? Pray that we can serve him closer.


Inspiration can come in the guise of people just sauntering past your bedroom window. And from the guy in the supermarket who bowls you over with something quite interesting. Something is said. Inspirational. Where did my mind go when I heard that? Into another realm. I did not even conjure it. The inspiration came to me from outside. What shall I do with it? Accept it or reject it?

Process it? Take it? Use it?

Now for the negative. Followed by the positive. It may not be any good. It may be the kind of ‘inspiration’ which is unhelpful. It may blind one to what’s real. Outsiders will be back tomorrow and then their inspiration will be dealt with according to that time. For now, I remember their inspiration. But I processed it into what’s helpful or what’s not. And remember that whatever I am inspired by is somehow also part of me–but as I say, processed into what is helpful or useful or good.

Now the positive. Maybe it is just artistic inspiring. One can also take the positive charge in it. Or maybe one just needs to eliminate the thought all together as it is unhelpful in the here and now yet with the view of one day taking it apart for further dissection into its various potentialities as art, as vision, as the human experience.


As the intersection of two souls meet,

One soul hopes for more than meet and greet.

She took a risk, Is needing him so.

The other oblivious to all this,

Is caught up in the appearances of the show,

A way to get to know you is all a design


For souls to intertwine.

But how else to get love to shine?

This man had no intentions,

And when truth comes out in the open,

And appearances are put to one side,

The efforts she put in to have him,

Will leave her feeling on the downside

One soul will be left to die.

He hopes the prayers she prays

Will make her all fine.

And once again her love will shine

To face another day.

I wish I could have been there

To be more than I was,

To help you through this,

Is what I should

But life did not turn out the way it should

And reality’s hard cold stare is what you are left with.

I remember you,

And my heart is laid bare,

I am at least sincere.

If things had been different

We could have had something better,

But where would your heart have been,

If I had said yes to seeing you

To only let you down again

And set your foot in the abyss.

We all must face the slings and arrows

All is fair in love and war

And for this we can be sure.