This album, Massive Attackā€™s Blue Lines, their debut LP, was released this week in the United States thirty years ago. Blue Lines may sound melancholy in a sense, but do not mistake this for something that should have been more upbeat. It has the right mix. With a musical complexity, mixing reggae-inspired through to funk, and a steadying beat, that instinctively gets under the solar plexus.

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I’ve been thinking…and there should be more writing and literature on this blog, in the future, than general writing and life talk although I will probably still include that. I would like to see more poetry and reflections and reviews of books, movies and music.


Engaging with art can be about our feelings.

In that vein, I found I was hankering after something inspirational as I was listening to a new jazz album. I kind of pride of myself that I’ve got the inspiration I need so I can take anything. But there was something uplifting about this jazz music, as if I needed it. Maybe because a lot of music I have been listening to is instinctual rather than what elevates the mind. Jazz this way seemed to do the trick.

Then, I felt inspired to uncover the media I am familiar with. What of it is inspirational? Or is even like it? This, for another day…I hazard a guess that there are a few media things that are inspirational. Then, I thought that one can bring to media a whole raft of different feels, from thrills to inspiration. In writing something, be that a book, a movie, a song, what does a writer want their reader/viewer/listener to feel? And how does one do this? Can the sender of the art design feelings in the receiver of the art? Or is it all a pot luck kind of thing?

I think a writer must be aware of what they are sending so that they communicate the message they intend to, but to fine tune that message to cause the receiver to feel something particular is a tricky and perhaps difficult art, to get it precise. Some things intended may not be received as such. The trick is making it work and then ask yourself, why do I want this person to feel something this way? It’s kind of scary, really, playing with feelings. But in the end, the audience is the end receiver, so ‘feeling’ art is very subjective.


I listened to this bubbly Canadian upbeat about folksy pop with more than enough highs her simple compositions of conversation bubbled over with one or two lapses in continuity her self-titled album she gave me for free I would have liked to have liked more, but I could not hear her soul like the time when we talked, which made me feel very sad