Selection difficulties

I sympathize with an editor seeing an inferior selection of really unpublishable photos to choose from, when it’s on the other foot, such as mine. Rule of thumb: Always send an editor quality photos they can be proud of using.

The arch

On a personal writing note, I am disappointed, upset, and even bewildered. At the time I did not see it, but my older film reviews were following a train of thought (not ideal), at GiveWay, and Transmission, both Christian magazines by the same publisher, Nutzworld, Challenge Weekly, Daystar, Kid’s Highway, Faces (Baptist), Anglican Taonga, (not as a contributor), and Most of these were great opportunities for me in writing film reviews. Yet stringing a review together in a train of thought I realize is not as effective as holding the writing together. Live and learn as they say.

Stringing a piece together (perhaps that is one reason why freelance reporters are called stringers as it is quick and efficient and less expensive for the publisher) is good for getting one’s thoughts down, albeit in a coherent way, but not for publishing, ideally. From those thoughts, though, to create a better piece that holds together with one over arching view of the film.

Once this is mastered, in terms of the writing, I may cater my film writing towards the needs of the publisher, which may mean I have other ideas for different publishers, depending on their need, but the same approach to the writing. This may mean compromise is involved. However, in film writing, two ideas can be of the same worth. It depends on me if I go this far, because I may not want to go along with another publisher. Even so, the one idea one has in reviewing a film may be the most genuine, the truest impression. So, that is why I like to be genuine above all else.

At any time, the ideas, the point of view, and the writing, all comes down to the writer and what is going on with them. I think I am moving away from a stringer to someone holding the writing better together.

Natural selection?

What’s natural for me to write about or give a message on may not be natural to a hearer of mine. Circa 2001. All those years ago…Selection of material at whim, or selection of material by design is the lesson.

Hopeful now, he said

As long as one does their best at a new genre, if one has the time and commitment to do so. At some stage one will see where one’s writing in a new genre will lead. For now, a moment of hope. I want to hold onto it. May it last. Where will this lead…


Of course, one may do writing exercises after a certain setback in the genre of writing you’re exploring. A piece was rejected, say, and one mustn’t be rejected again, so has got to get it right. One is ambitious and uncertain how a piece will be received. The tension is riveting akin to many thriller experiences where the emotion is seeping through the veins…take a step back they’d say. Worried.