Nothing sloppy

I’ve pretty much written for the lower grade newspapers, magazines and websites all my life but I always had a good attitude and was quite pleased I was getting published. Low-grades have a reputation of being inferior at least to my mind. The standard required is lower, but what I found was a sense of getting things done and genuine interestedness in what was being produced. Even publications with lower expectations have a good work ethic. There was no sloppiness. I did get published occasionally in the higher grade newspapers and magazines but mostly in the tried and true.

If someone did an official obituary of my life and commented on my career I would be described as a writer who was published in the low-grade publications for much of his career (and some comment to the quality of my work and my traits as a writer). Strangely, writing in the lower-grades gave me a sense of ego that I could go further in my writing career, even get a script produced or a novel.

That instinct has diminished over time although the flaws in my work have ironed out and the flow of my writing has become a lot better. I approached novel publishers with a sense I could get in. In terms of getting that book published, my usual view is I got to have a publisher lined up, one I can approach. These days, I am more interested in the writing of it whatever the results. Just write it and think about the publisher later.

It would be an achievement for a lower-grade writer to get a book published, but I understand from reading obituaries that artists do get opportunities to go the next level in their career although I hasten to say that one may be ‘hanging out’ for a while in their tried and true publications as that’s their reality. Besides, one shouldn’t sell their soul for the promise of something more if it ever came to that. Writing is more about purpose than success. Jesus does not judge us by how “big” we are in the world but by what we do with him. I hope to write productive things rather than serve the whims of another human being who may not have the right approach.


There are jam sessions, which I always liked the idea of. Just jamming away, expressing creatively what’s on your heart, using instruments, be that a piano, a guitar, a drum. I reckon I have more writing jams than musical ones, although music and writing tend to intersect in some loose ways. Just pouring it all out over the keyboard without thinking about how it sounds or the structure. Anyhow, jams always sound good.

These days my writing sessions are shorter and more deliberate as I focus on one or two genres, write the rough drafts, edit thoughtfully, and watch it unfold. Short sessions, but productive and hopefully finding a place with a publisher.

Winter surprise

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Memory lane: Circa, 2017. Judson Press sent me a copy of the winter issue of The Secret Place which has one of my devotions in it. Yet, whatever the season, be it winter or summer, I’m pleased my article’s there, winter or summer. But it will be read in the North American winter. Why do I attract the North American winter? Surprise!