Spirituality is subjective. Christian spirituality would have to be centered on Jesus Christ, but cannot be about “who is Jesus for you”, as therefore Jesus could be anybody who fits your description of Jesus and not the gospel’s.

There can be many spirits, but only one Spirit from Jesus Christ. There can be many false Christs, but only one Christ from history, who can reveal himself to us today–the only true Jesus Christ as shown to us in the gospel. The question to our spirituality, from which Christian spirituality flows, is do we believe in this Christ?


One of things I’ve learnt from reading the Bible is that everyone is equal because they are made in God’s image, everyone. Another thing I’ve learnt is that human beings also fall short of the glory of God. Not in terms of being under God, as being under God is where we all stand, irrespective of being fallen or not, but in terms of having an inclination to be off-side God through the Fall. So, how do we even out the void between us and God, as we all fall short of the glory of God? How can we make ourselves right with God? We can’t. On our own, we can’t rely on our God-given goodness to level it out. But we can rely on Jesus to even out the void between us and God and make us whole. That’s what I found, that in confessing to God my short-comings (my ‘sins’) that make me broken and fragile before God, I have well-being and wholeness, because Jesus heals me from my sins and sows up the void between me and God.

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The unknown

An underrated film is 1984’s 2010. I’ve watched it again and enjoyed every minute of it, more so than before. There is something spiritual about this film which for me gives it more buoyancy. It shows me there is something more out there and that someone is trying to get through to us.

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What’s love got to with it?

What has love got to do with God? For many, this question is really out of the question. God does indeed love me, there is no doubt in my heart that God does. To others, saying God loves me is like the height of self absorption. Yet I take it that if one knows God’s love, it’s because one has felt it deeply, more than a brush with it. Sometimes, the way people express it appears to be what’s lacking, making some cringe. It sounds too sentimental to some.

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