Spirituality is subjective. Christian spirituality would have to be centered on Jesus Christ, but cannot be about “who is Jesus for you”, as therefore Jesus could be anybody who fits your description of Jesus and not the gospel’s.

There can be many spirits, but only one Spirit from Jesus Christ. There can be many false Christs, but only one Christ from history, who can reveal himself to us today–the only true Jesus Christ as shown to us in the gospel. The question to our spirituality, from which Christian spirituality flows, is do we believe in this Christ?

American beauty

When I was so much younger than I am today, and for about the rest of my life since, I believed that America should be emulated. Americans somehow lived on a different plane to the rest of us. They have it all together in other words. It’s the ideal life there. The perfect, ideal people, who are on top of things. I seen this. America brings us perfect movies, perfect presidents, immaculate music, Thanksgiving with happy families, Christmas with a warm glow, July 4 the best thing since last July 4. But, when I started to engage with American lives through the comments sections, I saw how the postie does not deliver the parcels to the correct address over and over again and there are people who cannot even get out of bed. But, to be sure and sober about this, and not to make it a comedy of sorts, I found that Americans are real people. Americans are people who struggle. And some, not all, are incredibly kind when the postie does not deliver. Someone said, welcome to the real world.

Real life

As I look around my neighbourhood, it is plain. There is a service station across the road, a real estate agent next door, and flats on the other side. They have a pile of boxes needing recycling. I do not know what is going on for the people inside these walls: the people’s stories, their lives. I can smell the smoke of someone who lit up a cigarette, but I do not know if there is some burning issue in that life.

When I turn on the television news, I get a glimpse of what is happening inside the lives of others. It is not a real look, though, but I get an idea. There is injustice and violence and the messages coming through the images can bring up someone’s own issue, such as mistreatment of the innocent and injustice. A bit like the images I saw some day. But there is always the bird chirping, ‘singing’, in the early morning, alive and with life to offer. One hears its call.


What if your body language gave way to you being rejected? It just signaled to the other person a warning sign. The perils of body language, then. One must fight back the invisible throttle to one’s dignity and reposition one’s self in a self-accepting manner. One does this one’s self, it’s just a natural reaction to feeling like duh. Really deal with it later.