Beyond the infinite

This final article at least in terms of the order of posting articles about spiritual hunger is really an introduction to the subject. But for whom? I wrote the article for my usual newspaper, but it was published in another one of theirs, called “Challenge The Good News Paper” which is an ‘outreach’ paper.

I was not consciously thinking about reaching out, I just wanted to write something that would express a view on the subject I was writing about. Namely, could God fill our needs for spiritual hunger? I believed so. So, I wrote with that in mind as well as quoting the Bible as backup. The answer, I said, was in God and I brought a lot of Bible to that, originally intended for another paper that would undoubtedly accept that sort of language but which was published in a similar one.

When Irish rock group U2 performed “I Still I Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” back in 1987 to immediate critical acclaim they inadvertently stumbled across a good point – what if all our searching, fantasizing, relationship endeavors and attempts, and general lack actually pointed us to a place beyond time where all our human struggles on earth would eventually be swallowed up in our first glimpse of eternity?

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More spiritual hunger

This was the sequel to “Spiritual Hunger” which I posted before. At the time of writing this article I was feeling unsatisfied with only writing one article on the subject of needing more of God. I wanted to write another one and when I exhausted the possibilities as a far as I could see I resigned to the fact that was enough of this for now. Here is my sequel article:

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Some people scour for something more to life. That’s quite natural. When I was street witnessing, there was a guy who told me he was ‘searching’.  There are books on shelves about finding the meaning of life and they get read by sincere people who are searching for what lies beneath.

Why is there spiritual hunger?  

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Harvest expected in Lower Hutt

This article was written about fifteen years ago. I hesitate to say that the expected harvest of souls has happened but revival meetings are still going on in the area. Here was what was said.

In 2000, Pastor Seth Fawcett.

Unity between churches in Lower Hutt Valley is unprecedented says Facilitator of Partners in Ministry, Seth Fawcet. He says many people who have been in Lower Hutt for a long time are testifying they have never had this sense of unity.

Senior Pastor of Hosanna World Outreach Centre Asafo Avia goes as far to say that it is more than unity.

“We have gone past the unity level”, Pastor Avia says. “The love of Christ is being demonstrated between churches in Hutt City which means we have got to the next level.”

He says churches are not building their own kingdoms but there is an attitude that this is “our thing”. There is “huge support” for each other in their obedience to what Partners in Ministry believes God is calling them to.

Pastor Fawcet believes unity between the leadership of Lower Hutt churches is on the heart of God.

“It is a season happening all over New Zealand and around the world. There is a work of the Holy Spirit that is taking place.”

Church leaders meet on the first Friday of each month for morning tea and worship and prayer for the city. Seventy people attended on February 1 although they usually have lower numbers. Pastor Fawcet puts the increase down to the work of God.

From quarterly combined church prayer meetings led them to being held every first Friday of the month from October 1999. Up to 200 people, sometimes more, attend. The purpose of these is to pray for the city and worship God.

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‘God moves’ in Lower Hutt church

This article was written in 2000. With a friend I was at a revival meeting and a man approached me who I knew. This man asked me to report on the revival meeting I had just seen. The church was having meetings during the week and I went along another night and had a closer look. The day before, I interviewed the people who were the leaders there. Interestingly, I was called by an older member of the congregation, who represented the older few people in the church. They wanted to voice their apprehension over what was going on. I post this article now because it fits with the previous articles today, of revival and Pentecostal spirituality. Here’s the article:

Pastor Seth Fawcett and evangelist Mike Livengood outside the old Christian Covenant Church in Lower Hutt in 2000.

“I believe we are sitting on the brink of the greatest revival we will probably ever see. Only time will tell but that’s where we are probably at,” says Mike Livengood, a visiting American evangelist to Hutt Christian Covenant Centre (CCC) in Lower Hutt.

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‘God still there with or without Tenney’

So, what happened at that conference? And what the leaders saying about it? Here is my second article on the revival conference.

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Scheduled Raging Fire Conference keynote speaker Tommy Tenney pulled out less than two weeks before the event. After meeting, organisers decided to continue with the event.

Set in the auditorium of Naenae College in Lower Hutt over September 27 and 28, the crisis in America detained him.

Mr Tenney had cancelled trips to Australia and New Zealand but organisers said he indicated he might visit New Zealand in April. 

“You don’t make a decision like that lightly because you are letting a lot of people down,” said conference organizer Tim Findlay.

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