One can be so precise. But I write so instinctively. I should be so precise. But I write so naturally.

Be precise. I should take care on the shortest of pieces, not a wasted line.


A way to be understood if someone cannot distinguish your speech. Say one is asking another person what spread she wants on her toast. One may say, “Do you want cheese?” The other person cannot distinguish the word cheese. They say, “Weeze?” To be understood, the first person says, “The mouse likes cheese.” The other person understands when you bring a context. Everyone knows mice like cheese! “Oh, you said cheese. No, I’ll have peanut butter.”

Solitary letters

I , J , K , are solitary letters. In any kind of reference work they are among the few letters that have the least entries. For example. A movie guide is often alphabetical, but I find that the movie titles under the letters I , J , and K are few. For a language or English scholar this may be a reason to ask, why? Yet for anyone who is interested in the English language and the construction of words a reason to find out more. Why are I , J , and K among the most solitary letters? And when these letters contribute to words, they make for the most lonely of words.